Courses in Academic Art of Riding 2015

Welcome to a course where you really get a thourough education in the development of the dressage horse through balance, strength and relaxation of the mind. Strengthen your relationship with your horse, learn how to read your horse's movements and how to build your horse's strength in a gentle and balanced manner in order to reach higher levels of dressage and the haute école with exercises like the piaffe, the passage and the levade. This course is suitable for you who really want to learn how to educate your horse gently and gymnasticly. Maybe you want to become a better rider yourself, or perhaps you want to start teaching dressage à la Horse Vision. Either or, this is the course for you!

The course is divided into 4 steps, but it is up to you how many of the steps you wish to go. Every step will focus on different areas regarding the dressage training of the horse and will take you and your horse to a whole new level!


Every step include:

5 days, Monday - Friday

Max 6 participants: To allow for a more individual course and to help you develop as much as possible.

2 hours of training with your horse every day: To give you the opportunity to advance as much as possible during one week. You will receive 1 hour of training before lunch and 1 hour after, both focusing of the theme of the day.

2 hours of theory every day: We will go through the training and Christofer will explain and show with a horse the theme of the day. We will also do exercises without our horses in order to help you develop your own body language without having to also concentrate on your horse. You will also follow the training of the other participants every day.

Included in the fee: A box and paddock to your horse, bedding in the box. A total of 9 hours of training with your horse and 10 hours of theory, and dinner together one evening.

Price: 1.000 EUR / step (It is possible to buy hay from us, 10 EUR per day or bring your own.)

After finished course each participant will receive a certificate and descriptions of all the exercises.



What is the contents of each step?

STEP 1 Lounging and groundwork

In this course you will learn how to work your horse from the ground, without riding. You learn how to help the horse find its natural balance without a rider and how to teach the horse shoulder-in, travers and renvers before you even have ridden your horse. We discuss what a horse with natural and relaxed movements looks like in order to fully understand the biomechanics of the horse. You will also learn how to teach the horse collection from the ground. This is an intensive and fun course which will give you and your horse a great development.

No qualifications necessary, but your horse should be at least 3 years old.


STEP 2 Basic training and giving of the aids

In this course we continue where step 1 finished, we go deeper into how we can develop the connection with our horse when riding. We will discuss problem solving concerning riding and how you can adapt your training to different types of horses. Each horse is different, just like people, and thus has different areas that need training. You will also learn how to transfer the aids from the groundwork to your riding, in a way easily understood by the horse. You will learn how to start doing the shoulder-in, travers and renvers when riding. We discuss what is important when we want to train a confident and safe horse for riding.

Qualifications: step 1


STEP 3 Advanced usage of the aids

Step 3 will take you and your horse to a whole new level. Now you will learn how to develop your aids even further by teaching the horse to notice the subtle differences in your communication. We will teach the horse to seek contact with the outer rein to be able to ride shoulder-in and travers on one hand only. We will focus more on working with collection and the canter. We will discuss and practice the importance of the horse enjoying the training and always moving according to its natural motion in a relaxed form even though the horse now will start putting more weight on its haunches through the collected exercises.

Qualifications: Step 2


STEP 4 Collection and demie haute école

Now we have arrived at step 4! The course where everything comes together. This course will focus on really finding the balance of the horse through the collected exercises. We will focus more on working with the canter and to find the direction towards the piaffe and passage through variations in rhythm and pace in the collection. We will also work more on the ground again and look at exercises preparing for the levade and terre à terre so that you eventually will be able to reach a truly high level.

Qualifications: step 3


If you want to sign up for this course, first please contact us at e-mail

Together with your application please pay the half fee, ie 500 EUR to secure your place.

First come, firsted served.

Remember to give your name, phone number and the name of the course along with your payment.
Note: The booking fee is NOT refundable if you need to cancel your place. However, if you need to cancel, half the booking fee (ie 250 EUR) can be used to book another course.

The second part of the course fee, ie 500 Eur

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