Courses in Liberty Dressage 2016 - we are looking for organizators!

Sign up for a course where you will get to plunge into the world of horse communication. Strengthen your relationship with your horse and learn how to see and understand the body language of the horse. This course is suitable for you who really want to learn to understand the horse as an animal, maybe you want to develop your connection to your own horse, or perhaps you want to start teaching liberty dressage. Either or, this is the course for you!

The course is divided into 4 steps, but you decide for yourself how many steps you wish to take. Every step will focus on different areas that involves the horse and will take you and your horse to a whole new level in your relationship.

Every step include:

5 days, Monday - Friday

Max 6 participants: To allow for a more individual course and to help you develop as much as possible. ( we dont take visitors on this course).

4 hours of training with your horse every day: To give you the opportunity to advance as much as possible during one week. You will receive 2 hours of training before lunch and 2 hours after, both focusing of the theme of the day. (Friday is a half-day, the course finishes at 3 pm.)

2 hours of theory every day: We will go through the training and Rebecca will explain and show with a horse the theme of the day. We will also do exercises without our horses in order to help you develop your own body language without having to also concentrate on your horse.

Included in the fee: A total of 20 hours of training with your horse, 10 hours of theory 

Price: 1.000 EUR /step 

Will give you the possibility: to start teaching as an instructor after finished course, if you wish. The more steps you complete, the more qualified you will become.

The course is finished with a certificate and a description of all the exercises included in the course to each participant.


What is the contents of each step?

STEP 1 The language of the horse

During this course I will explain how horses communicate, both as members of a herd and together with us humans. How can I learn to interpret and understand the language of the horse in order to more clearly explain what I want? During the course we will discuss how to solve everday problems like trailer loading and many other common problems. You will learn how to make the horse more interested in you and how you make the horse to want to follow you at liberty.

Qualifications: No previous qualifications necessary.

STEP 2  Riding relaxed in balance

In this course we continue where step 1 left off and deepen the contact and relationship with our horse. We will bring the contact we have to the horse, up on his back and develop our communication when ridin. We will focus on how to educate the horse in to a safer and more calm horse, that moves in balance under his rider. We will also educate the horse to be ridden without bridle or halter. 

Qualifications: step 1


STEP 3  Liberty Dressage and roundness from the ground.

Step 3 is going to take you and your horse to a whole new level. Now the horse is not only safe and confident, but we will start advancing our communication even more to be able to have the horse at liberty in open spaces together with other horses. We discuss and practice the importance of the horse wanting to be close and feel safe with us. we will also, learn how to find the collection and roundness naturally with out equipment on the horse. This is a really fun and challenging course for you who really want to find that special feeling together with your horse. Or, if you really love communication with horses and perhaps want to start teaching yourself.

Qualification: step 2

STEP 4 The show horse, trick training and tolerance

Now we're finally at step 4! This is the course where everything come together. In this course we will focus on really bonding with the horse and find a mutual trust. You will learn several different keys to educating the horse on your own to a high level of tricktraining, eg bow, spanishwalk, lying down and rearing. We will also learn more about the naturalroundness and collection, both from the ground and from riding. In this course we will also discuss how we can convey a specific message or feeling in a show together with our horse. We learn how to choreograph a program for a show or a clinic and a lot more.

Qualifications: step 3



If you want to sign up for this course, first please contact us at e-mail

Together with your application please pay the half fee, ie 500 EUR to secure your place.

First come, firsted served.

Remember to give your name, phone number and the name of the course along with your payment.
Note: The booking fee is NOT refundable if you need to cancel your place. However, if you need to cancel, half the booking fee (ie 250 EUR) can be used to book another course.

The second part of the course fee, ie 500 EUR, should be paid one week before the course starts.

IBAN: SE05 6000 0000 0007 2240 2228 

WELCOME to a fantastic course!