Intensive Course Trick & Tolerance

Have you ever sat there, sighing longingly when you have seen other riders performing in different shows and wishing to take their place? Maybe you think you need a different horse or maybe you just don't know how to teach your horse to do different tricks. Then this is the course for you!

The goal of these courses are for you and your horse to be able to perform different impressive exercises, broaden the limits for what you can do together with your horse and prepare you and your horse for your future adventures.
And your first adventure, it starts right here......

Apply to a course in TT, which in itself isn't new, but the concept is further developed to enhance the relationship between you and your horse even more, into its own discipline.
TT is divided into 3 different parts:

Trick training: how you teach your horse to lie down, sit, rear or perhaps perform a beautiful spanish walk with you riding. Your horse learns to find the solution to your wishes and becomes more communicative and cooperative.

Tolerance: Riding across a seesaw, through plastic curtains, through fire, riding into a trailer, pulling different things while riding, riding with a torch and much more. Your horse becomes safe and secure in many different situations and more versatile for you to ride.

Acrobatics: Picking up things from the ground while mounted, standing up on the horse's back, do a somersault off the horse, riding backwards, play Horse Ball. Your balance on the horse develops both in the saddle and bareback.
Every step consists of:
-5 days of training, monday - friday
-maximum 6 participants, to ensure you the best development during the course
-4 hours of training with your horse every day. The 4 hours are divided equally before and after lunch and target the theme of the day. (Friday is a half day, the course finishes at 3 pm.)
-2 hours of theory every day. We go through the training, Rebecca explains and shows with a horse and we practice without our horses in order to develop body language and prepare for the training with horses.

Included in the fee: box with bedding/paddock for your horse, a total of 20 hours of training with your horse, 10 hours of theory and one dinner together all participants.
Price: 9.800 SEK/step (Hay/haylage is possible to buy from us, 100 SEK/day, or bring your own.)
These courses give you the ability to start teaching yourself if you wish. The more steps you finish, the more you will be able to teach your pupils.
After a finished course every participant receives a course certificate.

To find out when these courses take place, please look on in the calendar on the page "Week Student".

Description of the different steps:

STEP 1 Lays the foundation for a relationship based on trust.
You will learn the basics in trick training, what is important to think about and how you can start to teach your horse several different tricks. We talk about the importance of the horse finding safety in us and be brave enough to pass different obstacles like tarps, stools and everything the horse might react to. We also start teaching our horse to feel safe with us even though we are not always following the same pattern.
Qualifications: That you are able to ride your horse in walk, trot and canter. Your horse should also be at least 3 years old.

STEP 2 Takes the trick training from the ground even further and to find joy in different challenges when riding.
In this course we continue where step 1 ends. We dive deeper into how we can build an even stronger connection with our horse, but this time when we ride. We teach our horses to understand more signals and to be patient and to relaxed and listen to us even when we are riding. We will also develop our trick training from the ground a lot further.
Qualifications: Step 1 and that you are able to ride your horse bareback in walk, trot and canter.

STEP 3 Advanced ridden trick training and tolerance training.
Step 3 is going to take you and your horse to a whole new level! Now we will take all the signals we have taught the horse one step further by teaching the horse to see more nuances in the training. We practice ridden trick training and help our horses to become more confident through more challenging tolerance training. Now we also begin to focus on how you will become braver and the need to trust your horse in order to be able to perform more advanced exercises when riding. We continue to challenge ourselves with more tricks, tolerance training and acrobatics together with our horses like riding with fire and picking things up from the ground while mounted.


If you would like to apply to this course, please contact us by mail at or by phone +46 72-55 88 577

With your application pay half the course fee, ie 4.900 SEK to secure your place.
We apply first come, first served.
Remember to give you name, phone number and which course the payment concerns.
The registration fee is binding and there is no refund if cancelled. However, if you are forced to cancel, half the registration fee (ie 2.450 SEK) can be credited for other courses.

The rest of the course fee 4.900 SEK is due five days before the course starts to our
bg 5507-5709.

WE LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR APPLICATION! Let the adventure begin...
Det är först till kvarn som gäller.

Rebeccas pappa Staffan & Chessman
Rebecca & Expert