I'm coming as a student together with my horse! At what time can I come to the stable?
If you come as a weekstudent or for an intensive course you and your horse are welcome on Sunday between 3pm - 8pm or Monday 8pm - 11pm (for week students) and 8pm - 9pm (for the intensive course).

What is the difference between week student and intensive course?
As a week student you get individual lessons, 2 per day, which are aiming at training you and your horse straight towards your goal. The intensive course has a broader aim, where you train together with your horse the whole day plus two hours of theory. The intensive course will give you a good foundation if you ever would like to train horses yourself or coach other riders.

I can't come, is it okay if my friend fills the spot instead?
Yes, it's fine for your friend to replace you.

Is it possible to book extra lessions?
Yes, if time allows, Stinelo is available for extra lessions in both LD/AAR. Price 450 SEK.

Do you accept working students?
If you attend an equine educational program and come for 1-2 weeks, that is usually okay. It is not possible to bring your own horse and you have to organize your own accommodation. We have chosen to employ staff instead of having long term working students.

When is the payment due to the different courses?
If you book a course for this year, you pay half the fee as a booking fee and the other half one week before your course starts.
If you book a course for next year, you pay half the fee in december this year, and the other half one week before your course starts.
If you host a course or clinic at your place, the whole fee is due one week before the course/clinic.

Can I have a receipt of my payment?
Yes, of course! Please send an e-mail to boka@horse-vision.se and we will send you your receipt as soon as your payment has arrived.

Is it okay if my friend comes along to watch?
If you are a week student, you friend can come along and follow your training as a spectator the whole week.
However, during the intensive courses accompanying spectators are not allowed.
If you take part in a course for one of our guest trainers, eg David Lichmann, Bent Branderup and Honza Blàha, your friend has to pay a spectator fee.