Trick & Tolerance under Rider

We are now launching TTR, which isn't anything new, but a concept for those who want to develop their relationship with the horse even further, in its own discipline.

TT is divided into three different parts

Tricktraining: how you teach your horse to lie down, sit, rear or perhaps perform a beautiful spanish walk with you riding. Your horse learns to find the solution to your wishes and becomes more communicative and cooperative.

Tolerance: Riding across a seesaw, through plastic curtains, through fire, riding into a trailer, pulling different things while riding, riding with a torch and much more. Your horse becomes safe and secure in many different situations and more versatile for you to ride.

Acrobatics: Picking up things from the ground while mounted, standing up on the horse's back, do a somersault off the horse, riding backwards, play Horse Ball. Your balance on the horse develops both in the saddle and bareback.

Jenny stående, Stine på Yme, Rebecca på Poco

TV and Film
Except teaching, clinics and shows, Horse Vision have also done stuntriding in a Swedish movie production. We have had horses taking part in commercials and by Swedish television.
- If you are looking for a horse with special qualifications in trick/stunt for a movie production you are very welcome to contact us. I train the horse you would like to use, or I have several horses in different colours and sizes that might be exactely what you are looking for.

Stinelo och Rebecca på yme
Asasara Eamonn och Rebecca
Asasara Eamonn och Rebecca
Staffan med Chessman
Rebecca med Saphira, Jenny med Poco, Anders Larsson med facklor
Nicki Corsai och Rebecca
Nicki Corsai och Rebecca
Nicki Corsai och Rebecca
Nicki Corsai och Rebecca
Jenny på Poco
Ida på Lilja & Siri på Festus