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photo: zahlofoto photo: zahlofoto

Both Swedish and English today ;-)

Hej på Er!!
Vilken underbar Festivaldag vi fick!! Vädret strålade, hästarna dansade och alla besökare tog med sig ett glatt humör. Utställarnas montrar var fyllda med vackra saker. Det dök upp runt 350 besökare, så det vara samma antal som förra året. Stort tack till alla er som kom!! 

Nu laddar vi redan inför nästa år. Då vi kommer att göra en ännu "större" show. Då vi bjudit in flera av våra toppelever att vara med och visa vad de kan tillsammans med sina hästar. Missa inte detta :-) Det blir Frihetsdressyr och HistoriskRidkonst på internationell nivå.

Veckan som gick, har jag (Rebecca) haft en intensiv 3:a med 7 härliga deltagare. Där vi fokuserat på form och följsamhet i frihet. Samt att kunna ha sin häst okopplad på öppnaytor.
Oj så skoj vi har haft!

Christofer har hunnit bege sig till Danmark för att undervisa i två dagar.

Åh jag glömde nästan! Det blev ingen Welshcob för Christofer. Den klarade tyvärr ej en vet.besiktning. Så Christofer har nu funnit ännu en ny Lusitano istället!! Bilder och mer info om hans nya ponny kommer strax.
Men jag kan berätta att det är en "Guzo" häst. Den är 3 år, hingst, 165 hög, skimmel.

Kram på er!! :-) /R

Hi everyone!!

The festival day was so fun! Thank you all for coming!
The wether was great! The horses was dancing, all the audiance was happy!
It was around 350 visiters during the day! Thanks to all of you that came to us :-)

Now we already starting to do the preparation for the next year! 
Then we are going to do an even "bigger show". Cause we have invited a lot of our topstudents
to perform during the show. So you will be able to see libertydressage and historical riding art on internationel level. :-) Dont missed that :-)

This week i ( Rebecca) have been teaching Libertydressage step 3, roundness and relaxation in liberty, and liberty on open space. It have been a really fun week with 7 students! 
Christofer have been in Denmark having a twodays clinic last days!

I almost forgot! Christofer couldnt buy the WelshCob, cause he wasnt well enough to go thrue the vet.inspection. So Christofer have now found a new Lusitano instead. It is a "Guzo type". Big stallion, 3 year old, 165 cm, grey!

Enjoy the sun!
:-) /R

photo: zahlofoto
photo: zahlofoto
photo: zahlofoto
photo: zahlofoto
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This week we all have a lot to do, and it is soo fun!! We are doing preparation for the paddoc, cutting the grass, washing the horses. Speaking about the numbers, doing rehearsel. 
Hahah and i have to admit ,sometimes we have a little bit to high goals for the horses and us. But now i think that we are back on track. 

You better come :-)
The weather looks to be great, so far!
And 13.00 we let all the audiance in, to see the market and speak to the horsebreeders. 14 o clock, the show starts! And you will meet a lot of different horses and happy people. 
This sunday 21th of june. 

/ R

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iWould you like to be one of Team HorseVision?

Now it is possible!

  • Hanna Wessling
  • Maria Norberg
  • Anna Lindh
  • Caroline Zickbauer
  • Karin Hysing
  • Mikaela Jan-Ols gård
  • Frida Schaffer
  • Jessica Monasdotter


Rebecca, Christofer & Stinelo choose every year 8 students, that they like to invite to the TEAM HorseVision. 

Would you like to join to??
  • The requirements to be choosen is:
  • Your are taking lessons from us, atleast 3 times every year.
  • You have acheived minium level 3 in AR or LD. (The levels is counted from ours intensivecourse step. But you dont have to do the intensivesteps. It is only the knowlegde of that level we are looking for. 
  • And atleast level 1 on the other direction AR/FD. (or your have reach level 4 in one of the directions FD/AR)
  • The students also show us a nice harmony together with the horse.
  • A Horse-Vision year is counted from Midsummer -to midsummer. ( We start to look after new members the first day after the Midsummer HorseVision Festival, and let all of you know who the choosen are, a week before the festival.  
  • No, you Dont have to do any test... we choose you from your dailywork in harmony with your horse.
  • What can i have as a member?
  • You will be signed up as one in our Team on our Homepage.
  • You will be invited to bring your horse, and ride in our HorseVision Festival.
  • You will ( Same week as the festival) to get the opportunity to have pictures of you and your horse from our professional Photagrapher, Zahlo-photo. Pictures that we are going to use in marketing, and you will also get the opportunity to buy picture for your own use if you like.  
  • You are welcome to our NewYear party here in Hellekis ( without your horse)  every year. If you like to come! And ofcourse your are welcome to bring one familymember or friend to. 
  • You will be able to buy our HorseVision Jackets, and clothes that only is permitted to the TeamHorseVision and not for open sale.  Pris around 50 Eur.
  • Can i leave TeamHorseVision?
  • Yes you can, just send us a message
  • Of if you dont have the possibillity to see us for a long time. You will automaticly be picked away.

We are waiting for you!!

New members for 2014:
  • Sara Källsson
  • Vicky Sandberg
  • Jennie Mörk
  • Terence Mc Fadden
  • Line Uppström
  • Beatrice Månsson
  • Anders Larsson
  • Zandra Ahl Olausson
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AnnCharlotte and her ponie Viva. Do i have to tell you, I LOVE CREMELLO PONIES :-) They did great during the clinic in Gotland. Playing in Liberty AnnCharlotte and her ponie Viva. Do i have to tell you, I LOVE CREMELLO PONIES :-) They did great during the clinic in Gotland. Playing in Liberty

The days really flyby. It is only 20 days left, until our HorseVision Festival. Can you beleive it! I can almost not ;-) But i still looking forward to it very much! It will be "the day of the year". 21th of June! You better come :-)

This weekend me and Christofer was teaching in Gotland! And i have to tell you....the organisator almost make us beleive we had vaccation over there. We both was teaching only student that we had met before. And on the evening we was in Visby,  eating fantastic food with the students. Thanks a lot to all of you that make the visit so fun.

This week i am having a IntensiveClinic in TTR ( Trick, Tolerans, Riding) Today we focused on TrickTraining :-) And had a lot of fun!

Oh i almost forgot! My Bubblan pony ( Rosenhills IceBreaker) turned in to Two years old, last saturday! Hipp hipp hurray!! Since i got this pony i have been working so much, so i have atcually only spend a little time with him. So when our vaccation comes, i will get to know my Bubblan pony. Looking forward!!!! Will be wonderful!!

Have a fun week!
Kiss your ponies!!
:-) /R


My beautful "Bubblan" ( Bubble in english). Getting two years old :-) <3
My beautful "Bubblan" ( Bubble in english). Getting two years old :-) <3
I got some pictures from Zandra ( our photagrapher) Zahlofoto the otherday. Look! Here is me and Sparv doing shoulderIn.
I got some pictures from Zandra ( our photagrapher) Zahlofoto the otherday. Look! Here is me and Sparv doing shoulderIn.
Me and Sparv playing in the water. Photo, Zandra Zahlofoto
Me and Sparv playing in the water. Photo, Zandra Zahlofoto
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