Time for english ;-)

Today Eamonn was a superstar! Finally he can do the flyingchanges and still keep the roundness. I am so happy! Just one year ago i almost start to get convinced that the changes was impossible on this little horse. But now he is flying :-) 
Today i also spend my time in the forest togheter with Sheridan ( brown connemarastallion) and Celtic ( my bordercollie), it was just amazing to feel that the spring already is in the air. Sun is shining, flowers are coming, and the air is getting warmer.

Christofer have been in Denmark and teaching this weekend. And arrived home, late, last night.
So today he is having a day of.

As you see, today i choosed to change the language of the blogg into english from now on, because more then half of our students do not speak swedish. I hope you will like it!

Greetings /Rebecca


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