The Croupade is coming...

Yesterday was a fun day! All evening Team HorseVision had there regular training in the ridingarena. They started to find the Collection and roundness in liberty. All horses responded so well, still if the students thought it was a bit difficult, struggling to find the right feeling ;-) 

And Christofer was riding all his horses, and they where dancing around in the arena as usual. Especially fun to see Saxos progres with his Croupade jumps. They start to look so relaxed and with lot of expressions.

Today Christofer is having a clinic in Fyrby, close to Örebro in sweden. And i guess they really enjoy the sun today! It is beutiful wether here!

I been working in the office all morning, but now its time for me to spend time with my horse <3

Wish you a happy, horsey day / Rebecca

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