Soo happy!!!!!!!!!

Sunday was a fun day!!

Christofer was teaching Art of Riding in Strängnäs, me and the children decided to join him as a company and to visit a friend nearbye.
And i have to say, to see Maria Norberg ride her old warmblood in Terre a terre and canter pirouetts was very impressive :-) Great Job!, Maria!! ( The rider on the picture is Åsa Wallin).

The visit at my friends place was very fun to!!!
She showed me her horses, and invited us for lunch. Everythings was so great! Then suddenly she told me.... the most beutiful youngster i have ever seen. She asked me to buy him!!?  And i have never seen a horse more beautiful :-) <3 How can i say no to this offer?? I couldnt!!! 
But i tell you more when all is sattled and done ;-)
So please be patient ;-) 


Me and the children ;-)
And behind us the fanstatic warmblood Lancelot ( Marias horse) the one that showed us Terre a terre and Pirouetts :-)

???? :-) :-) :-) <3 <3 <3 <3
Guess who <3 <3 

But hyssschhh it is a secret ;-) 

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