Have a nice weekend everyone!

Anette and her Islandichorse Anette and her Islandichorse

Friday!!! So have this Fun Libertyclass, come to an end. The students have developed a lot, and could managed to ride there horses in Liberty the last lesson with relax and responding horses. 
Great job!!!

Next week Christofer will have a full class of AcademicStudents here at HorseVision. Learning the Advanced Longeing. 

And maybe, just maybe i will have the possibillity to bring my new horse home next week <3 ah cant wait to see him, and get to know him more. 
And ofcourse to let you guys see him for the first time :-) 

Next weekend both me and Christofer will be teaching in the Neatherlands! That will be fun!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

:-) / R

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