Feels like Christmas

One of the best things i know! Is just to ride in the forest together with Christofer and enjoy the nature. -Dreaming about the summer...
Stine on Yme, Jenny on Arman and me on Eamonn ( sparv) Stine on Yme, Jenny on Arman and me on Eamonn ( sparv)

Good day:-) 
Usually we let the horses out around 8 o´clock in the morning. But today, Christofer was so full of energi this snowy, cold morning so he let the horses out 6 o´clock. The horses was happy but a bit suprised to go out that early. And nope, i didnt join him, i choosed to stay in bed for one more hour ;-)

Today have been an office day for me. And i also booked the transport for my new friend.  On wednesday is he coming!!! My third member in my Liberty Team!!! I hope Eamonn and Simba will like him. Feels a littlebit like, waiting for Christmas as a child  ;-)

Oh i almost forgot! David Lichmanns Clinic will be saturday-Sunday in june as we first booked.
So if you like to come! Please note that monday-tuseday is no longer the days.. Thank you!

:-) / R


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