Academic-Groundwork clinic.

Wonderful Day! Christofer is having a weekclinic in AcademicGroundwork this week! And his student are learning a lot. The hole stable is full of happy, smiling students :-)

And i have been doing more teamtraining today. And i have to let you know! Today i reach one of my goal with my ponies. Jumping barrels in liberty side by side. And they did great! Se the pictures!

I can also tell that the spring is here for sure. Our little Pig Philip is readily walking outside and eating grass, and the mansion is full of beutifull blue-anemones.

This evening its time for TeamHorseVision Training again.
Whohoo looking forward as always :-)

:-) / R

Sparv and Simpa jumping in liberty
Philip the little pig and Celtic our BorderCollie enjoy the weather
Beutiful Blue-anemones

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