Netherlands was fun! How to go there was interesting ;-) 

This weekend we both had a weekend clinic in Netherlands. It was fun to meet all the students. And to see how big the interessed for LibertyDressage was. Most of the students took lessons in both LibertyDressage and Academic. And i think the students really could see how the both way of training also helped to come further in the other way of riding. 
Big thanks to all of you! It was so fun to meet you guys, and to see your nice work with your ponies! And thanks Ylvie for god organisation around the clinic.

But to come to Netherlands this time was....let me say , Interesting ;-) 
Our first flight got cancelled, 17.00 - can happens...
Next flight, 20.30  we couldent get the boarding card, some misstake from the flight company.., running around between all information/ticets place...suddenly it worked. But then the aircraft already was on the way to take of...
The flight company bookeds us in to the flighthotell in sweden. 21.00
Early next day, 04.30 we had tickets for a new flight. :-)
Everything fine, we are up in the air., 05.50 the aircraft goes down for landing in germany...right before it reach the ground, it suddelny goes up, real fast, in the air again... the aircraft before us, just hit a couple of birds... so we hade to circle, until we could go down again for second try.. 
Now we are standing close to the next gate, waitning for boarding the plane taking us to Amsterdam 09.30.. the personal starts to ask some people go to the side, because the flight is ower book. ( i bet we was one of those the company owerbooked.) as we getting closer, they just let us go in to the flight...phoo. And then we arraived :-)
11.00 in the morning.
The way home it "only was a storm" so all aricraft was delaid two hours. But 03.00 a clock monday morning we arrived back home :-)

Today Christofer heading for Denmark together with Saxo! Taking lessons from Bent!
And i know he will do some test..... ;-) i let you know more, when we know how it went.

And i am going to get to know my new ponnie, Bubba today.
And have some lessons.

Stinelo and Therese are working fulltime, with six weekstudents this week. 

Oh this was a loong text...sorry ;-)

Have fun! Enjoy the day! / R


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