Greetings from my ponies


What a fun day we had today!!
Eamonn and Simba did barrel-jumping. And i have to say, there is no horse in the world that can make me laugh so much as Simba. That horse can be so funny sometimes... He love to hold his posision close to Eamonn, but the canter can be either counter canter, or normal canter. He can take a lot of speed, run in front of us, jump the barrels, and then stop and wait for us. Or he can stop, wait for Eamonn to jump, then slowly trot around and find the place beside Eamonn again.  Super happy that he succede on the task. Hahahah at least we have a lot of fun. And it is impossible to not smile :-)

Sheridan did his first try on Libertydressage today without bridle.. but hyyschh dont tell Christofer....i told him this horse is ONLY for Academic, when it comes to riding ;-)But i am girl, means, i can always changes my mind ;-)  Anyway, Sheridan managed to do walk and trot in figure 8, stop backup and turn <3 Ah, he´s a fantastisk little pony. And we had so much fun. Guess we will try some more tomorrow ;-)

And yes, Christofer is having a great time at Lindegaarden, Bents place. But he will let you know more tomorrow how the week went ;-) So you better hold on...and look again tomorrow...

Have a wonderful evening Dear Friends! / R


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