Fun week!

Wow is it already Friday! This week went fast, but still very fun!
We have had six Christofer students here, learning the advanced longeing. And they all did great! And there horses....ponies, of course, was so good to :-) 

Therese Granlund, have been my weekstudent this week. She have been practicing the libertyriding with two of her horses! And it was a pleasure to se how much she developed during the week

Me and Christofer have also been ridning our cute ponies! Today Simba and Eamonn did som teamTraining, and they really start to get it now. I am so proud of Simba, he av really developed last month. Sheridand took me and Celtic on a ride in the forest. It was wonderful. And little Bubba we just did som following in walk and trot! He is so adorable that little pony. 

Christofer did som beutiful work in hand with Ikaros today. I havent seen him so good before in the collection work. Piaff, Piaffpiruett, levad, schoolhalt and so on. <3 Beutiful!

After the weekly TeamHorseVision training, we had a meeting about the HorseVision Festival!! You better come ;-) We hope it will be a wonderful day with lots of inspiration.  
Note! it is on the SUNDAY this time :-) 

Enjoy the weekand!! 
 / R


Picture from the, Team HorseVision Meeting

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