Busy week = a lot of fun!

Buzy week, means Fun Week! On the picture Therese and Me Riding, Jenny and Stinelo standing behind ;-)
Eamonn at PärlbyRidingCenter,       Photo Marie Laurén-Edin Eamonn at PärlbyRidingCenter, Photo Marie Laurén-Edin

Yesterday me and Eamonn went to Dalarna and Pärlby RidingClub for having a Clinic, together with Anna Lewicki and her horse Sigge.  It was a very fun event with a lot of interessed people in the audions. And little Eamonn performed as good as he can, as always. 

Today Christofer is on the same place in Dalarna, and teahing AcademicRiding. 

And Stine will have plenty of work today. When she is supposed to meet all LibertyDressage students AND weekstudents for next week. Yep, this is a special week. A very Fun week ofcourse! 7 Students for the Libertyclass, 3 students for Weektraining. Therese will also have 3 clinics, and Christofer will have 4 clinics this week. 
Hahahah wish us good luck! That everythings will fall in to place, we have no room for mistake this week :-)

Hug your ponies :-) / R


Photo Marie Laurén-Edin
Anna Lewicki and her Lipizzaner Zigge, on the clinic. They did great! Photo Marie Laurén-Edin

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