Summer is almost here and everything is happening at once, as always in summertime ;-)

Our step two, Liberty students are doing so well. And they have done a big progress already! 

My super team, "Team HorseVision" had a rehearsal yesterday, praparing for one of there appearance on our HorseVision festival 21´th of june. And they did great! We actually put some more details into the show. You better come and watch! It will be a day of joy! And please bring the Sun with you :-)

Today a TVchannel phoned us, asked if we could help them next week,  they needed a beautifull and safe horse for one of there scenes. Ofcourse we could! Now we just have to decide if we should bring Sheridan or Ikaros :-) what do you think?

Yes next week we also have Honza Blaha here teaching. 
So it will be multitasking ;-) 
By the way!! We have room for one more rider in the class,
Just let us know if you like to come ;-) 

And Christofer sending his greetings from a warm and sunny Denmark. And letting us know that his horses are doing great!

:-) / R


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