Preparing for the Honzaclinic

Exited today! Up early, preparing for the clinic with my Trainier Honza Blaha this week. He will be teaching sunday-friday. Before the clinic start we will  meet the students, fix the soundsystem to Honzas equipment, Take care of the horses and clean the stable before we start. 

By the way! Would you like to join on this Honza clinic? We have a place left ower 26-27/5 (Thuesday-Wednesday)

Can you beleive it! My dear Christofer is the rider in europe that have done must succefull ringtest there is! Sixgolden rings. Seven there is total. He have made Piaff, Passage, Galopp, Levad, Terre a terre and Croupade. (only the Ballotade/Capriole is left). I am so proud of him!
But right know he is preparing for the Mastertest to be his next goal. ( That is not included in the ringtest). 

Yestarday was Christofers birthday! He turned into 34 year. And celebrate the day with coffe and cigarr in the stable with friends. And then he join me, ( read Drive me) to the airport to meet Honza and bring him to his hotell.

Today Christofer is of to Norrköping having a day clinic.
And i looking foward to get lessons from Honza with Eamonn and Simba. Both of them felt great Yestarday when i ride them! So we are ready for new input.

Enjoy the day!!


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