Would you like to be one of Team HorseVision?

iWould you like to be one of Team HorseVision?

Now it is possible!

  • Hanna Wessling
  • Maria Norberg
  • Anna Lindh
  • Caroline Zickbauer
  • Karin Hysing
  • Mikaela Jan-Ols gård
  • Frida Schaffer
  • Jessica Monasdotter


Rebecca, Christofer & Stinelo choose every year 8 students, that they like to invite to the TEAM HorseVision. 

Would you like to join to??
  • The requirements to be choosen is:
  • Your are taking lessons from us, atleast 3 times every year.
  • You have acheived minium level 3 in AR or LD. (The levels is counted from ours intensivecourse step. But you dont have to do the intensivesteps. It is only the knowlegde of that level we are looking for. 
  • And atleast level 1 on the other direction AR/FD. (or your have reach level 4 in one of the directions FD/AR)
  • The students also show us a nice harmony together with the horse.
  • A Horse-Vision year is counted from Midsummer -to midsummer. ( We start to look after new members the first day after the Midsummer HorseVision Festival, and let all of you know who the choosen are, a week before the festival.  
  • No, you Dont have to do any test... we choose you from your dailywork in harmony with your horse.
  • What can i have as a member?
  • You will be signed up as one in our Team on our Homepage.
  • You will be invited to bring your horse, and ride in our HorseVision Festival.
  • You will ( Same week as the festival) to get the opportunity to have pictures of you and your horse from our professional Photagrapher, Zahlo-photo. Pictures that we are going to use in marketing, and you will also get the opportunity to buy picture for your own use if you like.  
  • You are welcome to our NewYear party here in Hellekis ( without your horse)  every year. If you like to come! And ofcourse your are welcome to bring one familymember or friend to. 
  • You will be able to buy our HorseVision Jackets, and clothes that only is permitted to the TeamHorseVision and not for open sale.  Pris around 50 Eur.
  • Can i leave TeamHorseVision?
  • Yes you can, just send us a message
  • Of if you dont have the possibillity to see us for a long time. You will automaticly be picked away.

We are waiting for you!!

New members for 2014:
  • Sara Källsson
  • Vicky Sandberg
  • Jennie Mörk
  • Terence Mc Fadden
  • Line Uppström
  • Beatrice Månsson
  • Anders Larsson
  • Zandra Ahl Olausson

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