Adventure in the night, where is the new Horse?

So finally, in the middle of the night, the horse truck with Hermes arrived.
The man bring a almost white horse out, and give it to christofer. Christofer thinks the horse looks older, whiter, the mane is cut. So christofer looks under the ponie. It is a gelding. ( Hermes is a stallion). He says it is the wrong horse. So they went back in to the truck for taking a look, to find hermes. He is not there. Only eight other horses. So the man thinks, maybe christofer got the rightone anyway.... Christofer are sure, it is the wrong horse. He go and get our microchip reader. And yes, it is the wrong horse. And no one on the truck is the right one. Sooo where is he????

Then the truckdriver remember that he might have gave a girl in gothenburg that should have this gelding, hermes instead. He calls her, and she says that the horse is already on his way to an other place in sweden in a new truck.
So this truckdriver leaves. Promise to find Christofers horse today, and change with the girl....

To be continued ;-)

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