Introverted look ;-)

Wednesday morning, in sweden the clock is around 7.00 ( Here it is 8.00) The weather is great! Sun is shining and i hear sounds from the farm that slowly waking up outside from the open window, while we are drinking our breakfast coffe.

Today my students ( Libertyclass) are going to speak about " how to get a safer ridinghorse. And also how the collection can come naturally from the horse, without equipment.
Christofer we speak about the aids from the legs, and also the 3 different ways to use the halfhalt in his academic-class.

But sometimes, the instructor want to much hahaha. Both yesterday and monday in the end of the day, my students in the libertyclass says, -we cant learn anything more. We better stop here ;-) ops! I did it again, want to much. The students are so interessed, lissening, asking good question. Wich make me want to explane more to them. And then suddenly the students start to give me "the introverted look" like no one is home hahahaha... and i know.... I Did It Again!!! Sorry students!! You just making me that happy and entusiastic while teaching you. But today is the third day....i will do my best to stop intime ;-)

Have a wonderful day everyone!
*****/ R & C