Is Sweden ready for Liberty Competition?


Todays thought ;-)
In poland, they had there first national competition ( dressage and Jumping) without bridle/halter. Looks so fun!

What if we should do something similar here in sweden?

My thoughts:

1. Would the horse still be a part of the comunication and not just a tool for the competition? Can we judge harmonie and happyhorse good enough.

2. What kind of competitions? Jumping, dressage, western, WE, 4gaits, liberty from the ground?

3. If HorseVision would organize this! Would you like to join?

Please give us some comments, thoughts about it.

It for sure feels possible and fun!

Today i was playing with Eamonn and Simba, while Christofer did Hermes and Ikaros. My ponies did great! And i think they both will develope a lot this autumn.
Have a nice evening everyone!
*****/ R