Jonna and Pontus, ride there ponies home from School

What a week!
7 Academic student, 3 weekstudent and all our own horses have been trained.

Simba is started under saddle this week and IceBreaker introduced to the saddle and bridle. They both did great!

Christofer been training his four horses early every morning. Its been a pleasure to look at saxo. He can really dance that horse!

Today, me and stine ride Eamonn, Yme and Vitnos to the school where Jonna and Pontus are. Guess if they where happy and suprised, when they realized that there ponies was waiting for them outside school. So they could ride home, and didnt have to take the bus. Do i have to tell you! This was so much fun for all of us. So it will be many more times to come.

Oh today i measured my ponies. Guess if i was suprised hahah. I thougt i had small ponies.... Eamonn 148, Simba 153, IceBreaker 149, Sheridan 154. Wich means that Sheridan, IceBreaker and Simba proberbly all of them will end up 155cm. big ponies ;-)

Enjoy the weekend!!!
*****/ R