11 students and 2 dayclinics this week.


How are you guys?!

Thanks for all your "best wishes" to Guzo.
He is much better now. Almost completely heald again. And this weekend he can go out to his friends again.

This week i have an Liberty step 2 clinic, riding with 6 students. And we are having a lot of fun!

Stinelo and Therese are having 5 weekstudents this week to. So it is ponies everywhere!

Christofer had a dayclinic in Hindås (Sweden) yesterday, and today he is at stable Haväng, halmstad ( sweden).
So we all have a lot of fun :-)

Sometimes you guys ask for pictures from the dailyroutines. So here you have.
Pictures of: The weekstudents, together with Stine and Therese. Theori with the libertyclass, IceBreaker with his new blanket, and Sheridan.

*****/ R