Welcome new members of TeamHorseVision 2017!!!!

Here is the name of the invited member of Team HorseVision 2017

Note! This is an Invitation for those who have the names on the list.
But you need to contact us, and let us know if you like to be a member of the team, or if you want us to take your name away from the list.

What does it mean to be a member?
Please read more here

Katarina Rönnkvist                                    Catrin Wemmer
Marieke van der Meer - neatherlands        Sussie Martinsson
Lotta Gustavsson                                      Malin Wereen
Ylvie Fros -Neatherlands                          Pontus & Lotta Persson
Malin Skarin                                              Classe & Åsa Cidh
Janåke & Ewa Jarl                                    Nadja Lindkvist - Åland
Lena Gustavsson                                      Helena Christofersson
Ebba Sahlen                                             Anna Backman
Therese Karlsson                                     Kicki Lagerroth

Helena Eklund                                          Anna Hörsne Malmborg      
Ann-Charlotte Larsson                             Maria Pettersson
Thomas Fredholm                                    Stine Larsson - Norge
Katarina Eningsjö                                     Birgitta & Robert Machac
Camilla Ekvall                                           Kajsa Helen Bjurhov
Milla Bjurhov                                             Lina Ögren Wessman
Ulla Ekström                                             Pernilla Salomonssen
Elin Hofvander                                          AnnSofie Wahlström
Johanna Akke                                          Anette Årebo

Welcome all wonderful students!!

Please contact us by mail boka@horse-vision.se
to let us know if you like to join, and to get further information.

For next year we are going to change the system, so that everyone can contact us, who like to be a member. Than we chose those who fullfill most of the criteria. This is Because we are affraid that we might be missing some student, now when we pic the names, and we really dont want to miss anyone, thats been with us for a long time. 

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