Pontus the other day - Bubbles real name is IceBreaker, right? Me - Yes it is. Do you know what it means? Pontus - Yes, it’s a ship breaking the ice for other cargo ships to come around. Me - that’s correct. Do you know it’s also what you can call a person that is very positive always caring for others. Creating a good atmosphere around. Pontus - Aha I didn’t know that. But it means Mia @miriamforshem and Therese @therese_granlund are “IceBreakers” they’re always kind and happy. ❤️❤️❤️ Oh sweet Pontus ❤️


Practice, practice, practice. Remember to have fun and Listen to your pony. A tricky balance when you focus on developing. Some days are easier to remember then others. But the true still remains. When we listen to the ponie and not force the excercises everything goes faster, and give your heart more happiness. After all it’s the journey that counts not the result. Photo @zahlo.photography #connemarastallion #connemarapony #dressage #equestrian


Cosy evening in the kitchen 🥰 Pontus and Jack 🐾 #bordercollie