It feels like summer again ☀️ And i having a lovely time here in Germany 😊 Photo @zahlo.photography


Hehe nothing serious, but so much fun 😂 Me and Jonna @jonna_horsevision tried to jump with our young ponies without bridles for the first time. Yes the fences is only 70 and 50 cm 🙈 But hey! The ponies did great, carrying there riders safely over the fences, even though i was a bit scared 😆 First it’s Eamonn and Bubble. After it’s Kotten and Mille 🥰 So what do we learn from this session... we’ll have fun. Try to do new things and trust your ponies AND don’t be afraid of showing imperfection on the internet 🥰🥰🥰🥰 #libertyhorse #justforfun


Waiting at the AirPort for my flight to Hannover, Germany. I will be giving a Liberty class over the weekend. I will meet both new and old horses and riders. It will be a lot of fun 🤩 This week we had five week students. And I just had to share the pics of @asacidh playing in team training with here ponies Algarve and Arwen 🥰 And also a pic of @malinskarin82 and her lovely PRE in Liberty. What an fun and exciting week! Enjoy your weekend dear friends 🤗💞