I’m getting more and more students, playing with Team training 🦄🦄 And I love it!! This seems to be a way of playing with the ponies that they really like 🙏 On the pic you see Tilda with her ponies Vickan and Madonna 🥰 They been week students this week and been such superstars 🙏💕 #libertyhorse #libertydressage #dressage #dressyr #frihetsdressyr #horsemanship #equestrian #unicorn


Look what a beauty that visit us yesterday 😍 She was chasing the pigeons in the arena (yes Chris are back again, and so are birds 😂). But accidentally chrashing the wall. Groggy as she was, Jessica @tivedenadventure brought her outside 😊 #bird #birdofprey #beautifulbird


When the true hit you 😂😂😂 We have had problems with pigeons/doves 🕊 for many years in the indoor arena. And for the first time ever Christofer decided to take 3 weeks of vacation. And do you know what?! So did the birds 🐦 It turned out Chris was the one feeding them with all the oats he gives to his ponies 😂😂😂 #lovehimanyway😂