Today I went to the local secondary school Liljesten. Together with other entrepreneurs in Götene. We where invite to meet the students in eighth grade. And tell a little bit about the different work there is, in the city. Before they decide where to go on internship. I really like this happening. It’s nice to meet all the other entrepreneurs and of course very fun to meet all the curios students and have a chat.


Today’s lesson -be brave to try new exercises 🙋‍♀️ I was doing some dressage with Simba in the morning. Chris was riding Hermès at the same time. Then he stopped and look at us for a few seconds. And said -why don’t you do lead changes in a serie? -I didn’t really thought we where ready. - I believe you are. Start with a change in every fifth canter stride on the quarter line. So we did, and it work so good 🥳 Not perfect of course, but Simba understood right a way my question 🦄 Happy, happy, happy. And so thankful Chris had a look at us 🥰 photo @zahlo.photography #academicartofriding #libertydressage #blackarabianhorse


Some of you been asking me about my new book novel 🙏 “The hidden way” @den.dolda.vagen And, and, and my publisher just told me the text editing is finished. And it will soon be printed 🤩 The first edition will be in Swedish. But my goal is English and German too (when I’m getting brave enough 🙈). For my swedish reading friends, you will find the book at adlibris, bokus, Storytel (soundbook) and bookbeat (soundbook) Photo @zahlo.photography #book #novel #bokrelease #bookrelease #dendoldavägen #böcker #undomsbok #fantasybook